Stocking for a Kitten

Stocking for a Kitten

by Helen Kay, Yaroslava (Illustrator)
Publisher: Abelard - Schuman
©1965, Item: 93462
Hardcover, 46 pages
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All day, old Babushka sits knitting stockings for her grandchildren. "Could they be for me?" little Tanya asks hopefully, looking at her bare pink toes. Here, enchantingly told, is the story of Tanya and her grandmother who, just before Christmas, begins knitting new stockings for Tanya's sisters and brother—and finally, for Tanya herself.

One sister, Olga, grows impatient with her grandmother and tells her to hurry up or her stockings won't be ready for Christmas. "I will not knit for you until you show patience, Babushka replies. Leaving Olga's stockings unfinished, she teaches Tanya to knit a stocking for her kitten, instead. But Tanya feels sorry for her sister and stays up all night to finish Olga's stockings herself.

This heartwarming tale of a grandmother's love, and how—in her own way—she teaches her granddaughter an important lesson in forgiveness will delight young readers everywhere.

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