Stewardship Street

Stewardship Street

by Pam Forster
Publisher: Doorposts
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Childrenlearn how to be good "employees" with Service Opportunities. With Stewardship Street, they learn to be faithful stewards of their earnings.

This kit divides earnings into 7 categories—living expenses (for clothes, etc.), alms/charity, short-term savings, tithe, spending, long-term savings, and dowry—explains each of them, and provides memory verses that deal with money. It also includes patterns and instructions for making a "street" ofmilk carton "houses" and "stores" for depositing savings, and a record-keeping form for calculating percentages.

This book includes:

  • An explanation of each of the budget categories
  • Memory verses that explain God’s plan for our money, and how to make a colorful visual that will help motivate children as they memorize
  • Patterns and instructions for making milk carton houses and stores for savings
  • Record-keeping form for calculating percentages of earnings for each budget category

This is asimple, practical, Biblical(and fun) money managementsystem for children (and adults). (It can bea real boost to math skills, too!)

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