Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island - Coloring Book

Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island - Coloring Book

Dover Coloring Books
by A. G. Smith
Publisher: Dover Publications
Coloring Book, 44 pages
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The majestic and imposing Statue of Liberty rising 305' 11" over New York Harbor is more than just a monument to freedom. The statue holds a special place in America's heart, inspiring patriotism, hope, courage. . .even poetry and tears.

Now this unique educational coloring book details Lady Liberty's rich and stirring history in an entertaining format for children and adults alike. It also documents the experiences of millions of immigrants for whom the statue's striking silhouette was the first glimpse of America after weary days at sea.

Forty-four large line drawings, adapted from historic photographs, paintings and engravings, depict the beloved statue in various stages of construction. There are also views of its inner details (strapwork framing, etc.); a map of New York Harbor; the presentation of Liberty to the American people in Paris; the statue's unveiling in New York on October 28, 1886 before President Grover Cleveland and throngs of other well-wishers; and other fascinating scenes from Liberty's past. Half the illustrations deal with immigration: shipboard life, processing at Ellis Island; pushcarts on the Lower East Side; and more. A gallery of portraits depict Frederic-Auguste Bartholdi, the French sculptor who designed the statue; Emma Lazarus; and a host of famous immigrants: Irving Berlin, Knute Rockne, Felix Frankfurter, Paul Muni, and others. Each crisp picture is highlighted by an interesting caption; and introduction provides a wealth of additional background information.

Carefully researched and precisely rendered, this one-of-a-kind coloring book is an exciting and educational collector's item for anyone intrigued and inspired by the grand old landmark, and the noble ideals it represents.

44 black-and-white illustrations, introduction and captions.

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