Statesmanship of Abraham Lincoln

Statesmanship of Abraham Lincoln

by Olivia Coolidge
Hardcover, 237 pages
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Historical Setting: Washington, D.C., 1860s

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Abraham Lincoln struggled through the Civil War as a politician, not a great statesman, and as the war dragged on and as opinions hardened, his critics were vociferous and savage.

At last came the end of the war with a great outburst of cheering, and Lincoln walked the streets of Richmond—the only triumph he seems to have desired. He was happy for the first time in years—and then he died, whereupon his countrymen chose to forget what they thought about him and proclaimed him a great man.

Time has confirmed this verdict, but there was never a moment in his life when he was made conscious of it. Would he laugh if he knew and tell a little story? Very probably. 
(from the Introduction)

In this thoughtful and moving book Olivia Coolidge picks up her study of Lincoln where her earlier book, The Apprenticeship of Abraham Lincoln, leaves off—with his inauguration as President. Continuting through meticulous research and insightful narrative to focus on the man and not the myth, the author has created in both her Lincoln volumes exceptional and illuminating biographies for young people.

from the dust jacket

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