Star-Spangled Summer

Star-Spangled Summer

a Penny Parrish book
by Janet Lambert, Sandra James (Illustrator)
Publisher: E.P. Dutton & Co.
1945 Printing, ©1941, Item: 91887
Hardcover, 281 pages
Used Price: $10.00 (1 in stock) Condition Policy

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The book is in good condition with foxing on the text edges but tight and with clean pages, dust jacket is in poor condition and in two pieces.

From the dust jacket:

Carrol Houghton, charming, lonely daughter of a wealthy eastern business man goes to visit her friend Penny Parrish at Fort Arden in Kansas. Never has Carrol enjoyed herself so! She cannot believe there actually are parents like Major and Mrs. Parrish.

Swiftly, from one gay diversion to another, moves this appealing story. There is a scavenger hunt, a junior hop, a picnic, and best of all a horse show that brings special thrills to the Parrish family. Then Penny's great "treat" for Carrol–a visit from no less person than the austere Mr. Houghton himself–threatens to spoil everything, but actually adds the crowning touch to this truly star-spangled summer.

A happy, wholesome story, full of high excitement, gaiety, and keen humor. The girls are delightful, the young men gallant–West Point bound–; and girls and boys, too, in their early teens are certain to find this tale of modern American army life absorbingly entertaining.

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