Stand Fast in the Way of Truth

Stand Fast in the Way of Truth

Fathers & Sons Volume 1

by Douglas Bond
Publisher: P&R Publishing
Trade Paperback, 331 pages
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Statistics indicate that the average dad spends less than five minutes each day with his kids. Sons need fathers who are strong and virtuous to show them what a godly man looks like, but without that kind of interaction a son is like a moral top, spinning and spinning in every direction until he collapses in exhaustion. This reckless twirling is wreaking havoc in the Church and society as young men surrender to immaturity, refusing to take their places as leaders of the next generation.

Author of the popular Mr. Pipes and Crown & Covenant series, Douglas Bond has become adept at reaching youth through his writing. In this, his first published non-fiction book, Bond addresses young men at their level, encouraging them to overcome the difficulties they face and suggesting that the moral chaos of our society results from a disappearance of fatherly guidance. Intended for fathers and their sons to read together, Bond includes topics for discussion and relevant Scripture passages at the end of each chapter to help forge bonds that may be weak or broken.

This is not a kill-joy book about wearing a long face and being dull. Instead, Bond encourages young men to grasp life with both hands, enjoying its God-given pleasures without falling prey to its devilish temptations. Filled with vivid examples and references to historical and contemporary culture, it also urges fathers to take back what they have lost—a solid concept of biblical manhood—by taking an active role in the spiritual guidance of their sons.

With clarity and piercing insight, Fathers and Sons:

  • alerts young men to the dangers that face them
  • teaches them how to put away sin and worship God
  • prepares them to be leaders and fathers
  • helps them to be in culture but not of culture

More extensive than Elisabeth Eliott's Mark of a Man and more up-to-date than J.C. Ryle's famous Thoughts for Young Men, Fathers and Sons is highly readable (for young and older men) while remaining thoughtful, convicting and relevant throughout. Highly recommended.

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