Square Foot Gardening

Square Foot Gardening

A New Way to Garden in Less Space with Less Work

by Mel Bartholomew
Publisher: Rodale Press
Trade Paperback, 346 pages
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You can garden with less work, less weeding, and less watering. Say good-bye to the hard work and endless maintenance of gardening in long rows, and say hello to Square Foot Gardening. This easy, fool-proof, and ingenious method of gardening allows you to grow more vegetables than you ever thought possible in less space than a traditional garden takes.

With Square Foot Gardening, you build your garden in a series of 1-foot squares. Each square holds a different vegetable, fruit, or herb planted in quantities that you'll actually use. Gone are the long, labor-intensive rows that need to be thinned, weeded, and maintained over the growing season. Gardening in squares means you won't need to thin because you'll only plant what you can use. You'll water less because there's no wasted space in the bed, and you'll weed in record time because you can reach weeds from all sides of the square bed. By replanting squares as soon as you harvest, you'll guarantee a steady crop of vegetables throughout the growing season. Best of all, there are no elaborate structures, tools, or equipment to buy when you start your square foot garden.

All it takes for this simple system to work is a little bit of planning, just an hour or two of maintenance each week, and a bundle of enthusiasm. Once you start square foot gardening, you'll join millions of other square foot gardeners who are enjoying gardens that are manageable, beautiful, and productive all season long.

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