Spelling-You-See C - Instructor's Handbook

Spelling-You-See C - Instructor's Handbook

Wild Tales

Publisher: Demme Learning
54 pages
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Wild Tales will continue your student’s journey through the Skill Development stage. If your child is new to Spelling You See, you will want to take a little more time with the first few lessons in order to become familiar with this unique approach.

In Wild Tales, your child:

  • Reads interesting nonfiction passages about animals
  • Reads the passage with the instructor each day. Guided reading helps readers of all ability levels become familiar with the passage
  • “Chunks” the appropriate letter patterns indicated for that day’s lesson
  • Will have opportunities for copywork, free writing, and writing from dictation throughout the week

Wild Tales:

  • Includes 36 lessons, divided into two books for ease of use. Each of the lessons is divided into five parts, A through E. One daily lesson consists of two or four facing pages
  • Includes erasable colored pencils with each Student Pack
  • Has complete instructional information in the Instructor’s Handbook, as well as access to helpful videos from Dr. Karen Holinga
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