Spelling Plus - Dictation Resource Book

Spelling Plus - Dictation Resource Book

by Susan C. Anthony
Softcover Teacher Guide / Answer Key, 91 pages
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Sentence dictation provides the extended practice and mixed review students need to begin applying correct spelling, capitalization, punctuation, and other language skills in their own first draft writing. This resource book contains ready-to-dictate sentences for each of the Spelling Plus lists, as well as a wealth of resources for using the 1000 core words to teach language skills.

Dictation is wonderful. It's practical application. If you don't review constantly, kids won't retain words. After I started teaching spelling this way, I began to like teaching spelling. —Ann L., 6th grade teacher

To see how dictation can be used to teach spelling, watch the Spelling for Success workshop.

Hundreds of dictation sentences from the Bible and dictation sentences from children's literature are now available to follow Spelling Plus lists 37-69. Homeschoolers can teach the Bible while teaching spelling and providing children the mixed and extended practice they need to reach mastery.

You can download classic children's literature yourself to search for words you want to include in dictation. A great source for material in the public domain is www.gutenberg.org.

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