Special Needs / Learning Disabilities

To be honest, this question is somewhat outside our realm of experience.We can say many kids are labeled “learning disabled,” when the reality is they simply don’t learn well in a large classroom using textbooks. Don’t just take the school’s word for it and assume you have to do something special. Sometimes all your child needs is for you to take time to understand how they learn, and teach accordingly.

For those children who truly do have unique challenges, a number of resources are available. (Home Schooling a Special Needs child, NATHHAN’s website, others)

The most common disabilities are dyslexia, autism and neurological disorders. Families facing these and other problems have experienced great success at home. Public schools use a mainstream approach of peer integration. Too often they think if the child spends more time 'observing normal children,' they’ll soon emulate them. This is dangerously true! Learning-challenged children are given speech therapy, special reading centers or tutoring, but the bulk of their day is spent with 30+ children.

However, homeschool families have experienced great achievement in this area. The home environment alone provides kids with one-on-one academic focus and physical training in life skills that cannot be duplicated elsewhere. But the most thorough support comes from the foundation of a loving, caring family whose commitment level far exceeds that of any outside support. You know your child best and can give him what he needs. Don’t compromise the true education you can provide with all the resources for measured progress available to you. Though most curricula are not geared to challenged learners, families have seen accomplishment in applying nearly any curriculum because of their diligence and commitment, the same traits required for any successful home school endeavor. Others have gone before you—more support resources are available to homeschool families with a learning-disabled child than government options. Take advantage of these and get the tools you need to succeed!

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