Speaking Truth in Love

Speaking Truth in Love

Counsel in Community

by David Powlison
Publisher: New Growth Press
Trade Paperback, 203 pages
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A sequel to Powlison's Seeing with New Eyes, Speaking Truth in Love moves from a theoretical to a practical level. He makes the distinction that whereas the first book dealt with counsel ("the content of truth"), the second deals with counseling, the outward manifestation of that truth. While Speaking Truth in Love is directed primarily to those in counseling ministry, the insights Powlison provides are applicable to those in any kind of relationship, whether in the context of marriage, friendship, family, business or church body.

Based on years of counseling experience, Powlison's book is both doctrinally sound and highly practical. Topics range from guiding people to rely on Christ rather than other flawed humans, the widespread fear of self-reflection, how to use Scripture when counseling, and how to turn a counselee's monologue into a productive dialogue. As the most important, the discussion of leading people toward trust in Christ comes in the first chapter, where Powlison offers a compelling new interpretation of Psalm 119, not as an exhortation to Bible study, but as an outpouring of thanks for the truth God speaks to man in His Word.

A lot of what you'll read here is fairly basic concerning human nature, but too much of it is too often ignored or simply never examined. We know that words have lasting impact on others, that words can and do hurt, that we must take others' weaknesses into account when offering advice or counseling, but how often do we live out that knowledge? This book will help you bear the other person in mind and remind you that what you do is for them. All lives—and consequently, all relationships—are flawed, but through Christ we are able to overcome our own sin to help others overcome theirs. This book is a powerful and practical guide for helping you accomplish just that.

Review by C. Hollis Crossman
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Summary Practical, example-rich guide to help Christian counselors truly help those they counsel.

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