Speaker's Guidebook

Speaker's Guidebook

Text and Reference

by Merry Buchanan
Publisher: St. Martin's Press
2nd Edition, ©2003, ISBN: 9780312413521
Consumable Workbook, 39 pages
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This workbook is designed to help you improve those skills necessary for competent public speaking. This workbook focuses on a variety of concepts from "A Speaker's Guidebook": conducting audience analysis; dealing with communication apprehension; selecting a speech topic and purpose; researching support materials; organizing and outlining; developing introductions and conclusions; enhancing language and delivery; and preparing and using presentation aids. You will also find practical tips for different types of speeches and presentations. Evaluation sheets are included for each type of speech. While you are preparing and practicing your speech, you can use the evaluation sheets as a checklist for yourself:

  • Am I on track according to the guidelines for the speech?
  • Have I met or exceeded each suggestion?
  • Have I practiced my speech enough times so that I feel comfortable presenting?

Public speaking may at first glance appear to be an insurmountable challenge. However, we hope that after completing this course and using your text and workbook as guides, your experience in public speaking will be positive and one in which you have gained practical applicable knowledge transferable to other contexts besides the classroom.

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