Spanish for Children Primer B

Spanish for Children Primer B

by Julia Kraut, et al.
Consumable Workbook
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After English, Spanish is the most important language for North American students to learn. There is a distinction, however, between just learning common words and phrases, which is the approach of many Spanish programs, and knowing the language well enough to communicate correctly, fluently, and accurately.

Spanish for Children teaches elementary students in grade three and up this dynamic language, both classically and creatively, at a time when students soak up language like a sponge. This book employs the pedagogy and structure of Classical Academic Press' popular Latin for Children series, combined with dialogues and vocabulary, to teach Spanish. Spanish for Children emphasizes grammar and the parts of speech as vital tools for correctly speaking and understanding Spanish. The text also uses lively chants to aid memorization of both grammar and vocabulary.

  • 32 weekly chapters, including five review chapters
  • Audio pronunciation CD included in the student text.
  • 240 commonly used vocabulary words
  • Learn grammar concepts such as verb conjugation and tenses; noun gender
  • Weekly worksheets and quizzes
  • All teaching and explanation written in the student book, at the student's level
  • Engaging and conversational
  • The first text in a three year series
  • An accompanying DVD will be available as an addition to this text.

The Spanish for Children Answer Key is also available. The Answer Key is a copy of the actual worksheets and quizzes in the Primer with answers filled in with large bold font.

What is a Pronunciation CD?

The Pronunciation CD includes an audio recording of all of the Spanish words and sentences in the text. It is a simple reading, as opposed to a Chant CD, which is included in the DVD sets.

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