Spanish Brothers

Spanish Brothers

A Tale of the Sixteenth Century

by Deborah Alcock
Hardcover, 413 pages
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Historical Setting: Spain, 16th Century

"He could not die thus for his faith. On the contrary, it cost him but little to conceal it. What, then, had they which he had not? . . . Something that enabled even poor, wild, passionate Gonsalvo to forgive and pray for the murderers of the woman he loved. What was it?"

The Spanish Brothers is an accurate historical account of the rise, progress, and downfall of the Protestant Church in Spain. Especially may be mentioned the story of the two great Autos-da-fé (Acts of Faith—parade and execution of "heretics") at Seville. Only what concerns the personal history of the brothers and their family is fiction.

What is not fiction, but absolute truth, is that God repays His faithful servants a hundred-fold, even in this life, for anything they do or suffer for His Name's sake.

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