South Fork Rangers

South Fork Rangers

by Manly Wade Wellman (Author)
Publisher: Ives Washburn, Inc.
©1963, Item: 74373
Library Binding, 169 pages
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The adventures of Zack Harper and his cohorts Enoch Gilmer and Godfrey Prothero continue as the author shapes his primitive fighting force of the Catawba country during the American Revolution into a band of seasoned soldiers. At a time when wars literally referred to the defense of one's home, the South Fork Rangers take up arms with determination. Their immediate adversaries are Robin Alspaye and his Tories. Guerilla skirmishes result in the capture of both leaders, Harper and Alspaye, their subsequent exchange lead to the conversion of one likeable Tory, (originally sent as a spy) into a fighting rebel, the siege of the Harper home and the dramatic discovery of the Tory blockhouse which means the eventual defeat of Alspaye. Unlike the previous books dealing with the adventures of this group, this is more a string of military episodes than a single, cohesive plot. It should be read as sequel to the earlier, more exciting books.

--Kirkus Review, 1963

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