Sounding Forth the Trumpet for Young Readers

Sounding Forth the Trumpet for Young Readers


by Anna Wilson Fishel, David Manuel, Peter Marshall Jr.
Publisher: Revell Publishing
Trade Paperback, 224 pages
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From the very beginning it would seem that God had a plan for America. From its discovery by Europeans to its settlement, from the Revolution to Manifest Destiny, from the stirrings of civil unrest to civil war, America was on a path. In our pluralistic world, when textbooks are being rewritten in ways that obscure the Judeo Christian beginnings of our country, the books in the

Discovering God's Plan for America series help ground young readers in a distinctly evangelical way of understanding early American history. As young readers look at their nation's development from God's point of view, they will begin to have a clearer idea of how much we owe to a very few and how much is still at stake. These engaging books bring history alive in a way that will inspire young people to do their important part in shaping this nation into the future.

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