SOS Math 8 - CD-ROM

SOS Math 8 - CD-ROM


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Prepare your child for the rigors of high school math with the engaging Switched-On Schoolhouse Pre-Algebra! This interactive, 11-unit Alpha Omega curriculum is great as a core course for 8th grade math, but it can also be used as an elective for homeschool students in grades 7-9. Packed with multimedia-rich lessons, this course covers algebraic fundamentals like the real number system, integers, rational numbers, equations, graphs, functions, proportions, geometry, probability, angles, and more. Quizzes and tests also are included for easy assessment.

SOS products are not kept in-stock at Exodus.When youchooseto backorder, we will have it shipped directly to your home from the publisher. We do not buy or sell used copies of this software.

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