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Sons of Korah is a band from Australia. They are talented songwriters and fantastic musicians, but what makes them unique is that their ten albums (and Live DVDs) are composed entirely of Psalms, taken straight from Scripture.

Overview of the albums:

  • Light of Life (1999)
    This album, released in May 1999, was the Sons of Korah's first commercially distributed full length album. It has a raw and vibrant sound and features a dynamic and emotionally charged collection of psalms including Psalm 56, Psalm 116, Psalm 93, Psalm 15, Psalm 103, Psalm 6, Psalm 59 and a ballad called 'It's Over Now.'

  • Redemption Songs (2000)
    Released in November 2000, this album has been the most popular of the Sons of Korah recordings to date. It features a wide range of different styles and moods all with the emotive Sons of Korah acoustic sound. Includes Psalm 137, Psalm 63, Psalm 117, Psalm 121, Psalm 24, Psalm 32, Psalm 148, Psalm 130, Psalm 40, Psalm 126. The album also includes a Psalms screensaver.

  • Shelter (2002)
    Released in November 2002, this album is a reflective and mostly mellow recording. As a recording it has a great deal of depth and contains some of the sweetest moments captured by the band. It includes Psalm 35, Psalm 1, Psalm 37 (in two parts), Psalm 127, Psalm 30, Psalm 73, Psalm 123, Psalm 128, and Psalm 51.

  • Resurrection (2005)
    Released in March 2005, this album brings a fresh energetic sound with some deeply reflective moments. It includes a wide range of instrumentation including resonator, mandolin, glissentar, piano accordian, cello, and flamenco guitar. It includes Psalms 125, 69, 95, 52, 67, 147b, 131, 80, 17, 65 and two instrumental tracks. In our opinion, this is the best SOK CD to start with.

  • Sons of Korah LIVE DVD (2006)
    Released in May 2006, this full length concert film portrays the full dynamics of a Sons of Korah concert experience. It includes various extras including an interview with band founder, Matt Jacoby. The concert features a range of material from all of Sons of Korah's albums including a moving narrative section from the life of King David. Tracks include Psalms 125, 121, 32, 14, 123, 73, 93 128, 148, 137, 80, 95, 17, 126, 117, 147b and 130.

  • RAIN (2008)
    Released in August 2008, RAIN includes Psalms 99, 139 (still Eli's all-time favorite SOK song), 42, a section of 103, 12, 3, 114, 84, and the second half of Psalm 116. It is a rich recording combining many different musical elements to create a sensitive yet dynamic and emotive journey through some of the most beautiful psalms in the Bible.

  • Live Recordings Vol. 1 (with LIVE DVD) (2010)
    Released late in 2010, this album is a collection of live recordings made at Sons of Korah concerts between 2005 and 2010. Most tracks were recorded in their hometown of Geelong, Victoria, Australia but three of the tracks were recorded during their 2009 tour of the Netherlands. This album attempts to capture the emotion, energy and atmosphere of their live concerts, as they journey into the spiritual drama of the Psalms—and best shows off the Australian influences on the band. Although 6 of the thirteen tracks on this disc are repeats from past albums, there is also an instrumental double bass track (sounding like a didgeridoo), and six new songs: Psalm 27 in three parts, 100 (fantastic!), 147A, and 93. Plus, at least for now, the package includes the LIVE DVD mentioned above.

  • Wait (2012)
    This studio album presents a musically fresh and inspired look at a new collection of Psalms. This is a rich recording combining many different musical elements to create a sensitive yet dynamic and emotive journey through some of the most beautiful psalms in the bible. It includes over 55 minutes of moving, creative and epic musical interpretation of the Biblical Psalms including Psalms 27, 77, 19, 91, 79, 96 and more.

  • Live Recordings Volume 2 (with LIVE in the Netherlands DVD) (2013)
    This is SOK's second collection of live recordings made at their concerts between 2004 and 2013. Most of these recordings were made at concert events in the Netherlands and their home town of Geelong. This particular album, at the time of release, includes a brand new Psalm previously unreleased in any format—Psalm 94—which they played for the first time during their concerts in the latter part of 2013. As with Live 1, SOK hopes to capture the energy and atmosphere of their live concerts as they explore the spiritual drama of the Psalms.

  • Refuge
    Another diverse and dynamic album that covers a range of different genres of Psalms, some intense and turbulent (like Psalm 94) and others peaceful and reflective (Psalm 23). There is great attention to detail and the instrumental palette on this album is broad giving a rich and dynamic expression to the various Psalms. Included are some longer psalms on this album (Psalms 46, 92 & 97) that have been composed in sections that are continuous with each other but otherwise unique. There are both beautiful and epic moments on this album. It is an album for hungry hearts to feed on.

  • Fractures (2017)


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