Sons of Korah CD - Man of Sorrows

Sons of Korah CD - Man of Sorrows

Publisher: Sons of Korah
Audio CD
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We find, in the Psalms, a deep joy that subsists in deep sorrow. The psalmist was always a man of joy because he was first a man of sorrows. He sowed in tears and reaped with joy (Psalm 126:5). Perhaps the most important thing for us today then, is not the pursuit of happiness, but the pursuit of sadness. The psalms invite us to share in the joy of God by first sharing his grief. It is a grief he bore most visibly in Jesus Christ who “was pierced for our transgressions and crushed for our iniquities.” In this age sorrow and joy belong together and it cannot be otherwise. If we anesthetize the sorrow, we forfeit the joy. Man of Sorrows—the latest album from Sons of Korah, like all they have released before, is an invitation to venture into deeper places of divine sorrow and divine joy.


Psalm 110

Psalm 8

Psalm 88a

Psalm 88b

Psalm 88c

Isaiah 53

Psalm 119 (nun)

Psalm 115a

Psalm 62

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