Sono Sato Harris

Sono Sato Harris

Sono Sato Harris, the second child of Frank and Lily Sato, was born on October 17, 1954 in Dayton, Ohio. She has an older brother, Steve, a younger sister, Tani, and a younger brother, T. J. After becoming a Christian at the age of seventeen Sono was instrumental in leading her parents, two of her siblings, and her grandmother to the Lord.

From a young age Sono cultivated her love of dancing and worked hard to become a professional ballerina. She danced professionally with the Dayton ballet Company and became a sought after dance instructor. She strove to use her gifts for God's glory, witnessing to many of her students and dancing for pro-life events and church programs.

She married Gregg Harris in 1974 and they had seven children: Joshua, Joel, Alex, Brett Harris, Sarah, Isaac, and James. As a helpmeet to her husband, Sono helped launch over 185,000 families into the adventure of homeschooling through involvement in the homeschooling movement. She had a passion to help Christian families become more effective in serving God together and used her speaking engagements to address women about the joys and challanges of being a wife and mother.

However, Sono did not pursue public ministry, choosing instead to invest all her energy into supporting her husband and raising her children. As her children grew older she engaged in their activities, becoming co-director in multiple theatre productions and coaching one of the largest and most successful speech and debate clubs in the country. She also served as an assistant editor for many of her family's bestselling books and played an active behind-the-scene role in all their ministry projects until her last months of life.

Sono was known for her deep faith in God, keen mind, and joyful spirit. She taught her children to love the lord, to seek wisdom, and to pursue excellence in everything. She was diagnosed with Stage IV cancer on April 28, 2010 and enjoyed a bittersweet summer surrounded by her family before passing away on July 4, 2010 at the age of 55.

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