Sonlight Science G

Sonlight has created a series of science courses from preschool through highschool using collected science reference books, textbooks, literature and supplies. They have created their own teacher guides/schedules, which we do not carry; and assembled supply kits, which we sometimes have used. Theyhave also produced the fun and fact-filled DVD series "Discover & Do," which we offer used when wecan.

Watch students make connections and delve deeper into chemistry, physics and biology in Science G. Students explore earth science, geology, fossil records, evolution, intelligent design, contemporary technology, plants, animals, and ecosystems.

A DVD, Icons of Evolution, takes you on a fast-paced journey into emerging scientific debate over Darwin's theory. Presents both sides of the discussion, but emphasizes the faulty foundation of Darwin's examples from nature. An engaging book with amazing visuals by Dr. Carl Werner introduces students to a discussion on the philosophy of science — particularly as it relates to the ongoing debate between evolutionists and creationists.

Experiments in two TOPS books cover analysis and cohesion and adhesion.

To complete your program you will need:

A Non-Consumable Science Supplies Kit (NSK).

Please Note: Sonlight Curriculum does not sell their materials to Exodus Books. We carry many of the same titles, and are often able to obtain used copies of books they publish. The following is culled from their 2013 websiteand includes much of their selection, though it is not comprehensive, nor is it in any sort of curricular order. For a complete listing, visit the Sonlight Curriculum website.

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5 Items found Print
Evolution: The Grand Experiment
by Dr. Carl Werner
from New Leaf Press
for 9th-Adult
in Evolution: The Grand Experiment (Location: SCICUR-EVO)
$34.99 $18.00 (1 in stock)
TOPS #10 - Analysis
by Ron Marson
from TOPS Learning Systems
for 5th-10th grade
in TOPS Learning Systems (Location: SCICUR-TOPS)
$5.50 (2 in stock)
TOPS #13 - Cohesion/Adhesion
by Ron Marson
from TOPS Learning Systems
for 6th-10th grade
in TOPS Learning Systems (Location: SCICUR-TOPS)
$7.50 (1 in stock)
What's Science All About?
Science Stories
by Alex Frith, Kate Davies, Lisa Jane Gillespie
from Usborne
for 3rd-6th grade
in Science Reference (Location: SCIREF)
$11.00 (1 in stock)
Young Naturalist
An Usborne Guide
by Andrew Mitchell
from Usborne
for Preschool-3rd grade
in Nature Study (Location: NAT-GEN)