Sonlight P4/5

Less a rigid curriculum and more a way to cultivate a love of learning in four- and five-year-olds while building parent/child relationships, Sonlight P4/5 focuses on read-aloud books introducing world cultures, reading and language arts, science, Bible, and art. None of this is covered exhaustively; instead, books are colorfully illustrated and accessible in order to pique young curiosity and provide a foundation for further study.

A Readiness Skills program offers workbooks for evaluating your student's progress and discovering their strengths and weaknesses in terms of audio/visual, motor, and comprehension skills. Like the earlier Sonlight year, this one requires no lesson planning, and allows busy parents to fit reading and "school time" into their busy schedules as they can and see fit. With daily activities all enjoyable and easy, and taking no more than 20-90 minutes a day, this is a great starting place for young scholars.

Please Note: Sonlight Curriculum does not sell their materials to Exodus Books. We carry many of the same titles, and are often able to obtain used copies of books they publish. The following is culled from their 2013 websiteand includes much of their selection, though it is not comprehensive, nor is it in any sort of curricular order. For a complete listing, visit the Sonlight Curriculum website.

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101 Favorite Stories from the Bible
by Ura Miller
from New Leaf Press
for Preschool-2nd grade
in Bible Stories for Kids (Location: C08-10A)
Berenstain Bears' Big Book of Science and Nature
by Stan & Jan Berenstain
from Dover Publications
for Preschool-3rd grade
in Nature Study (Location: B18-18C)
Dr. Seuss's ABC
by Dr. Seuss
1st edition from Random House Books for Young Readers
for Kindergarten-2nd grade
in Beginner Books (Location: CPB-05C)
Eric Carle's Animals Animals
by Eric Carle
from Puffin Books
for Nursery-Kindergarten
in Picture Books (Location: CPB-03)
First Thousand Words in English
by Heather Amery & Stephen Cartwright
from Usborne
for Preschool-3rd grade
Gods Must Be Angry
by Sheila Miller and Ian Murray
from OMF
in Realistic Fiction (Location: A09-01A)
How Do You Lift a Lion?
by Robert E. Wells
from Albert Whitman & Company
for Kindergarten-3rd grade
in Math Picture Books (Location: B08-07B)
How to Dig a Hole to the Other Side of the World
by Faith McNulty
from HarperCollins
Non-fiction for 2nd-4th grade
in Picture Books (Location: CPB-03)
Is a Blue Whale the Biggest Thing There Is?
from Albert Whitman & Company
for K-2nd grade
in Math Picture Books (Location: B08-07B)
by Peter Spier
from Dell Publishing
Non-fiction for Kindergarten-4th grade
in Picture Books (Location: CPB-03)
Stories from Africa
from Sonlight Curriculum, Ltd.
for Kindergarten-3rd grade
in Africa (Location: B02-05E)
Then and Now
An Usborne Talkabout Book
by Heather Amery
Revised from Usborne
for Nursery-1st grade
Things People Do
by Anne Civardi & Stephen Cartwright
from Usborne
for Preschool-2nd grade
Treasury of Mother Goose
by Hilda Offfen (Illustrator)
from Simon and Schuster
for Preschool- 3rd Grade
in Mother Goose (Location: CPB-02C)
What's Smaller Than a Pygmy Shrew?
by Robert E. Wells
from Albert Whitman & Company
for Nursery-2nd grade
in Math Picture Books (Location: B08-07B)
Year at Maple Hill Farm
by Alice and Martin Provensen
from Aladdin Paperbacks
in Picture Books (Location: CPB-03)