Sonlight Horizons Math 1-3 Manipulatuive Set

Sonlight Horizons Math 1-3 Manipulatuive Set

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Teach three full years of Horizons Math (grades 1-3) with this one resource kit—complete with schedule and instructions for every step of the way.

New heavy-stock flash cards teach multiplication, division, and roman numerals.


  • Color Tiles
  • 2 Four-Inch Geared Mini Clocks
  • Student Thermometer
  • Folding meter stick (English/Metric)
  • Geoboard (11"x11" Pin w/Bands)
  • Platform Scale
  • Graph Paper (5 sheets)
  • Child Safety Scissors (5-1/2")
  • Plain Index Cards (3x5)
  • School Glue
  • Set of 3D Plastic Shapes
  • Construction Paper Pad
  • Crayons
  • Ordinal Number flash cards (Sonlight created)
  • Number flash cards (Sonlight created)
  • Roman Numeral flash cards (Sonlight created)
  • Flash cards - addition, subtraction, multiplication, division

Plus a sturdy box to neatly store your math manipulative kit!

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