Sonlight Fiction, Fairy Tales, & Fun

Sonlight Fiction, Fairy Tales, & Fun


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At this early beginning, please feel free to "just read" your children's favorite stories with them. We don't want you to feel that you must do something. So the supplemental resource we've created for you to use with Sonlight's Level Preschool is designed—on purpose—to be very practically simple, yet very easy and fun to draw from for those "teachable" moments when you know your little one's eyes, ears, and mind are wide open.

You can enjoy Level Preschool by just cuddling on the couch and reading with your children. But if you're like most Sonlighters, we know you want them to continually delight in their "learning adventure" and thirst for more.

So your special Parent's Companion helps you:

  • Fuel their imagination (and memory) with easy, creative activities for every story included.
  • Stir your own vision with encouragement, inspiration, and links to more optional resources.
  • Enjoy simple checklists to track your progress (no strict schedule to follow).

Your Parent's Companion doesn't have a "schedule" like you'll find in the Sonlight Instructor's Guides for later levels. In this Christian preschool curriculum, We simply list the stories by trimester and suggest that you check them off as you read them. If your child wants to read Give a Mouse a Cookie fifteen times in a row—let her do it. And if she wants to skip a book or two "ahead" in the list: go ahead and do that. The goal here is: have fun together!

It goes way beyond the checklist to help you know you've enjoyed each story at least once. Your Parent's Companion offers pages of inspiration you can use to create bonding opportunities—build the relationship between you and your preschooler—and foster in them a lifelong thrill in the discovery process.

The Parent's Companion is great for you, too. Take in everything from quotes and tips to make homeschooling easier and more rewarding to practical notes on organizing and cleaning. There's plenty of "bite-sized nuggets" of help you can use to keep your home running more smoothly all year long—even outside of school time.

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