Sonlight Core G

The reading gets noticeably more difficult in Core G (for grades 6-8) as students study Creation to the 1600s in-depth. At this stage, not only do students learn the history of places and periods, they learn to integrate this information into a cohesive, coherent Christian worldview. Content at this level builds on all previous levels, though up-to-speed students can easily transfer from another program.

Foundational texts for this level are many:The Story of the WorldVolumes 1 and 2by Susan Wise Bauer (narrative history for young readers);Usborne Encyclopedia of World History; andGenevieve Foster’sAugustus Caesar's WorldandThe World of Columbus and Sons. Much of the content here is more social and cultural history, though there is plenty of the name-and-date kind, too. Biographies and fiction round out the course, as well as a Bible reading program, all covered in-depth in the instructor's guide.

Please Note: Sonlight Curriculum does not sell their materials to Exodus Books. We carry many of the same titles, and are often able to obtain used copies of books they publish. The following is culled from their 2013 websiteand includes much of their selection, though it is not comprehensive, nor is it in any sort of curricular order. For a complete listing, visit the Sonlight Curriculum website.

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