Sonlight Advanced Dissection Kit with 4 Specimens

Sonlight Advanced Dissection Kit with 4 Specimens

For use with Apologia Biology 3rd Edition

Publisher: Avyx, Inc.
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The Advanced Dissection Kit includes three disposable dissection trays, T-pins, scissors, forceps, scalpels, glass eyedropper, vinyl ruler, teasing needles, latex exam gloves, magnifying glass, cork, thermometer, handy case to hold the above tools, complete step-by-step descriptive dissection guides for each animal (includes more information and detailed instructions than the textbook offers on its own), and four specimens packaged in an easy-to-open container:

  • frog
  • crayfish
  • yellow perch
  • worm

The animal specimens are initially preserved in the best preservative possible: formaldehyde. Problem is, as you would know if you've done dissections before, formaldehyde is an obnoxious-smelling, toxic liquid. That's why we displaced the formaldehyde with water, then displaced the water with a glycol solution. You enjoy a very decay-resistant specimen, but without any toxic fumes or messy liquids!

Specimens store indefinitely when kept in a plastic bag, but we recommend that you use them within a year of purchase for best quality.

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