Song School Latin 2 - DVD

Song School Latin 2 - DVD

by Amy Rehn
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This engaging, simple, and fun DVD follows the lessons in Song School Latin, Book 2. The DVD’s twenty-four episodes (one for every non-review chapter) feature a lively magistra and magister who narrate the vocabulary practice, simple grammar lessons, and derivative training. Simeon the Monkey makes appearances in each episode, delighting students with his animated story, which features numerous vocabulary words. There is also an animated derivative “river,” which highlights the way in which Latin words have come into various languages, including English, Spanish, and French.

We’re sure that this DVD will be the highlight of your Latin week. Your students will be recounting the stories and words they learn from their digital friends and asking for repeat performances. Give them the opportunity to learn from other teachers and to use the intelligence of their eyes and ears. The multi-modal approach of this DVD promises to delight and inform young students and set them on a course to loving Latin.


  • 24 episodes, following the bookchapter by chapter
  • classical and ecclesiastical pronunciations
  • teaching in vocabulary, simple grammar, derivatives
  • My Pet Monkey bilingual story animation
  • each episode approximately 10 minutes
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