Song for a Dark Queen

Song for a Dark Queen

by Rosemary Sutcliff
Hardcover, 182 pages
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Queen Boadicea—or Boudicca, as she was called by her people—led a revolt of British tribes in a valiant but futile effort to step the tide of Roman conquest. The year was 62 A.D. Inheritor of her royal father's sword, Boudicca had been trained from infancy to lead men in battle. Now, against the Roman invader's brutal tyranny, she fought out of private vengeance and as a last defender of the ancient tribal culture.

History has not completed its judgment on the Dark Queen of ancient Britain, but Rosemary Sutcliff's contribution to the legend is surely the most profoundly human portrait of the controversial woman warrior. The drama unfolds through the eyes of Cadwan the Harper, who loved the Queen with a fierce loyalty, and whose work it was to sing her praises; his lyrical, devoted voice brings a tender dimension to this pungent and tragic story.

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