Someday You'll Write

Someday You'll Write

by Elizabeth Yates
2nd Edition, ©1995, Publisher Catalog #087247
Trade Paperback, 93 pages
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Drawing from a lifetime of writing experience, Elizabeth Yates shares her thoughts with young writers:

On inspiration... "If an idea seizes you—and that is a form of inspiration for the writer—see how you can make it serve your purpose at the time, and decide where you want to go with it."


On persistence... "If your heart is really set on what you are doing, you will find the time and the place and the persistence within your own self to do it."


On the opinions of others...
"Writing never appears to be work, or serious, except to the writer, and might as well get used to that attitude now and come to terms with it."

And she gives practical answers to writers' questions:

  • How will I know when I am ready to write?
  • How can I keep my reader interested?
  • What about stories that are true?
  • How can I keep going?

Table of Contents:

  1. An Apprentice At First
  2. The Best Subject
  3. Beginnings and Endings
  4. Plots, Characters, and Signposts
  5. True to Life: Biography
  6. And Now to Write!
  7. Discipline That Delights
  8. Salute to a Fellow Craftsman
  9. About the Author
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