Socrates Meets Descartes

Socrates Meets Descartes

by Peter Kreeft
Publisher: Ignatius Press
Trade Paperback, 237 pages
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This is the fifth volume in the popular series by the well-known philosophy professor Peter Kreeft, in which the "Father of Philosophy," Socrates, cross-examines various other important philosophers and thinkers. In previous books he examined Marx, Sartre, and Machiavelli.

In this work, Kreeft states that Socrates and Descartes are perhaps the two most important philosophers who have ever lived; they are the two who made the most difference to all philosophy after them. These two fathers of philosophy stand at the beginning of the two basic philosophical options: the classical and the modern.

Kreeft focuses on seven features that unite these two major philosophers and distinguish them from all others. So this dialogue between Socrates and Descartes is a dialogue between the fundamental stages in the history of philosophy, the history of consciousness, and the history of Western culture.

Like Kreeft's other works in this popular series, this book is both a profound and a witty reading that makes for an entertaining and insightful exploration of modern philosophy. It will appeal to a popular audience as well as to the more philosophically inclined reader.

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