Sociology of the Church

Sociology of the Church

Essays in Reconstruction

by James B. Jordan
Trade Paperback, 336 pages
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The Sociology of the Church is a discussion of one of the major problems facing conservative Protestantism today: how churches should relate to one another and to a secular world. Evangelical literature frequently addresses individual Christians and how they should face the world, but there is very little written on how conservative churches should function. Indeed, it sometimes seems that the more conservative a church is—whether Lutheran, Presbyterian, Baptist, Methodist, Bible Church, or any other—the more isolated and "sectarian" it tends to be. What is needed is for Bible-believing churches, not just Christian individuals, to join hands and stand together against the forces of secular humanism, compromise, and religious liberalism.

But how can such practical unity come about? How can institutional churches with differing theologies, practices, and traditions, learn to cooperate in any real sense? Only by careful thinking and searching of Scripture. The essays in this book wrestle with these problems throughout. Rev. Jordan discusses how the churches should relate to one another, to the state, and to the world. Throughout, Jordan insists that our society will not be restored to righteousness until the church shapes herself up, for "judgment begins at the house of God."

Strictly conservative and orthodox, these essays reflect the author's commitment to the full inerrancy and authority of the bible over every area of life.

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