So Noted!

So Noted!

The Genesis Commentary by Dr. Henry Morris (KJV)

by Henry Morris
Publisher: Master Books
Consumable Workbook, 169 pages
List Price: $15.99 Sale Price: $12.79

So Noted! is an innovative Bible commentary on the Old Testament book of Genesis offering:

  • All 50 chapters of Genesis in the King James Bible translation
  • 600 Bible study notes by Dr. Henry Morris, the Father of the Creationism Movement, as featured in the Henry Morris Study Bible
  • Journaling areas on each page for your own Bible study notes

Dr. Henry Morris’ commentaries for the Bible are among the most respected in the field. His God-honoring, conservative notes affirm a literal translation of the Bible by explaining difficult passages, pointing to evidence of its inerrancy, and resolving apparent contradictions.

This special presentation of Dr. Morris’ notes for Genesis delivers profound theological, scientific, linguistic, and historical insight into Creation, the Flood, the Patriarchs, and more. From Adam to Joseph, you will see the first book of the Old Testament in an entirely new light after reading these insightful notes.

In addition to the text of Genesis and Dr. Morris’ commentary, the book also features 11 appendices that expand on related topics, such as Creation and the Flood. These appendices include:

  • Authenticity of Biblical Text
  • Creation Versus Evolution as Worldviews
  • The Logic of Biblical Creation
  • Outline of Earth History as Revealed in the Book of Genesis
  • Global Processes Indicating Recent Creation
  • The Universal Flood
  • Bible-Believing Scientists of the Past
  • Quotations from or Allusions to Genesis in the New Testament
  • “First Mentions” of Important Biblical Words in Genesis
  • The Creationist Faith of our Founding Fathers
  • Addressing Alternate Explanations for Age of the Earth

As you read Genesis and the hundreds of commentary notes from the late Dr. Morris, you will discover he combined decades of scientific understanding and accomplishments with a lifetime of rigorous biblical study.

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