History of the Church - MP3 CD

History of the Church - MP3 CD

.mp3 and .pdf Notes 90 Lectures

by Steve Wilkins
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Steve Wilkins is a fairly famous—or infamous, if you will—PCA pastor from Louisiana. He is known to have a bent for history, and we have heard him speak on a number of occasions, enjoying his wisdom, wit, and southern drawl immensely. Several years ago, Steve recorded a popular series of messages on The First 350 Years of American history. Since then, he has been recording a series on Church history at Auburn Avenue Presbyterian Church (AAPC) in Louisiana.

This MP3 CD-ROM offers the first 90 (yes, ninety!) lectures in his series on Church history. It also includes the lecture notes that go along with each message in Adobe PDF format.

Fifty dollars may seem like quite a bit for one CD, but think about what you get! It's only about fifty-five cents per message: quite a value! We think it is a great addition for any school or homeschool library.

Previously titled So Great a Salvation: The History of God's People in the World

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