Snow Treasure

Snow Treasure

by Marie McSwigan
Publisher: Scholastic Inc.
Mass market paperback, 156 pages
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Historical Setting: Norway, 1940 A. D.

On June 28, 1940, nearly a year after World War II broke out in Europe, the Norwegian freighter Bomma reached Baltimore with a cargo of gold bullion worth $9,000,000.

When the Bomma's captain asked for a police escort while unloading the bullion, a strange story came to light. The gold, it was reported, had been slipped past Nazi sentries by Norwegian boys and girls! Under the very eyes of the enemy, the story went, these children had pulled the gold on their sleds to a freighter hidden in a fjord off Norway's coast. So that no harm might come to the brave children, the captain would not tell the location of the fjord.

For many years, this story was believed true. But over 40 years later, there is no proof that it ever really happened. We do not know. But we do know that the story captures the courage of many children, who, caught up in war, have helped their country in a time of great danger.

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  One of My All-time Favorites!
Eli Evans of Exodus Books, 10/16/2008
I tend to prefer reading a variety of literature, and only rarely read a book a second time. So it's quite telling that I've actually sat and reread this one probably ten times over the years.

The story is a well-written one, probably best for an audience around 8-12. Since the heroes are both boys and girls, both genders would enjoy it, though I believe it will have more appeal for boys due to its adventurous tone. The Nazi soldiers are portrayed as humans, and though they are scary and their atrocities in other countries are alluded to, the book maintains a light feel throughout. A fun book!