Smithsonian Guide to Historic America: The Deep South

Smithsonian Guide to Historic America: The Deep South

Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, Florida

by William B. Logan, Vance Muse, 2 othersMary Z. Jenkins (Photography), Roger G. Kennedy (Editor)
Trade Paperback, 464 pages
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If you plan to travel extensively in the United States (or wish you could), this beautifully-illustrated set of books points you to multiple historic treasures of each region—some famous, many less so—that might not make it into your hotel lobby's guidebook pamphlets. Though they have dated information about hours, fees, and contact information, these are still remarkable books, expertly researched and full of detail and depth.

This volume covers Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, and Florida, and features:

  • 190 color photographs
  • 44 historical paintings, engravings, and photographs
  • 12 specially-commissioned color maps
  • An illustrated architectural guide
  • Addresses and telephone numbers for every site; hours and fee information for all major sites
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