Smith of Wootton Major and Farmer Giles of Ham

Smith of Wootton Major and Farmer Giles of Ham

by J. R. R. Tolkien, Pauline D. Baynes (Illustrator)
Publisher: Ballantine Books
©1967, Item: 83760
Library Rebind, 156 pages
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Smith of Wootton Major:

". . . a short prose meditation on the gift of fantasy, what it is, whence it comes, and what it means to the life and character of the man who receives it." — Paul H. Kocher

"Like The Hobbit, this is first and foremost a good tale—dense and engrossing, full of unexpected turns . . . it is both homely and haunting, and in its way, almost literally bewitching." — The New York Times Book Review

Farmer Giles of Ham:

A delightfully ribald mock-heroic tale . . .

When a "cunning, inquisitive, greedy, well-armored but not overly bold" dragon invades the kingdom, a most unwilling Farmer Giles is chosen to slay the dragon . . . a dragon who refuses to fight!

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