Sir Gibbie

Sir Gibbie

Classics for Young Readers
by George MacDonald, Kathryn Lindskoog (Editor)
Publisher: P&R Publishing
Trade Paperback, 218 pages
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Follow Sir Gibbie on his adventures through the moors of Scotland's Highlands more than a century ago. Having no mother and an alcoholic father, Gibbie must survive on the streets as a child unable to read or speak. See how this boy wins the hearts of his neighbors and offers what little he has to help others.

"If anyone wants to be first, he shall be last of all, and servant of all." (Mark 9:35)

Sir Gibbie teaches adults and children alike about the ability to sacrifice self, and to strive for a world more honest and pure than our own.

In this edition, Kathryn Lindskoog has faithfully preserved the Christian themes of the original story. She has updated the original old Northern Scots dialect to make the story more readable and has stepped up the pace of each chapter. This edition is a winner of the Gold Medallion Book Award in recognition of excellence in evangelical Christian literature.

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Exodus Rating
FLAWS: Abuse
Summary: The very Christlike son of a Scottish alcoholic changes the lives of those around him in a series of selfless and redemptive acts.

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