Sir Gawain and the Green Knight

Sir Gawain and the Green Knight

by Constance Hieatt, Walter Lorraine (Illustrator)
©1967, Item: 21790
Hardcover, 48 pages
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Long ago, when Arthur was King in Britain, his court was famed for gallant knights and deeds of valor. Some say that the noblest of Arthur's knights was Sir Gawain.

In those days marvels and high adventure lurked at every turn, but no adventure was stranger or more exciting than the one that befell the brave Gawain.

It began at Camelot, when an awesome Green Knight suddenly appeared and startled knights and ladies with his bold challenge. Only Gawain, of all Arthur's knights, dared confront this huge warrior, with his green beard and his great green-bladed battle-ax. After their first encounter the Green Knight departed, pledging to meet Gawain again in a year.  

Now their contest turned into a mysterious quest, which took Gawain through dark lands and fearsome perils. On his gallant steed Gringolet, he pursued the Green Knight, battling trolls and dragons that beset his way.

At last he came to a great castle, whose lord and lady made him welcome. There he feasted until the fateful New Year's Day when he went forth to find the Green Knight again.

The end of Gawain's quest is as marvelous as its beginning. Constance Hieatt's retelling of an old legend will delight all readers who love tales of magic and daring knights.

—from the dust jacket

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