Sioux Indians

Sioux Indians

by Sonia Bleeker, Kisa Sasaki (Illustrator)
©1962, Item: 86786
Hardcover, 160 pages
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The Sioux, famous for their warriors and their horsemen, are an unusually interesting American Indian tribe. With the skill and understanding for which she is so well-known, Sonia Bleeker tells their story from their first appearance on the Great Plains in the middle 1700's through the historic battle with General Custer in 1876 to the present day.

The life of the Sioux revolved around the buffalo, for they used every bit of it from its horns to its tail. They also valued horses and raided other tribes for them, counting coup upon living enemies and scalping the dead ones. When the buffalo was abundant, the Sioux were a mighty nation. Then white settlers began to encroach upon their lands. Although the people tried to restore their strength with the awesome Sun Dance, this once-proud tribe became a shattered remnant.

In this absorbing narrative, enhanced by Kisa N. Sasaki's authentic illustrations, the glory and tragedy of the Sioux come alive once more.

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