Silver Horn of Robin Hood

Silver Horn of Robin Hood

by Donald E. Cooke
Publisher: John C. Winston
©1956, Item: 89655
Hardcover, 238 pages
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Historical Setting: England, 12th-13th century

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Through the hush of the deep woodland comes a sound that is made neither by the scurrying of wild creatures nor by the restless wind in the treetops. It is music that reaches us across the ages—the echo of Robin Hood's silver bugle horn.

Here in this beautiful edition is the Robin Hood of every child's imagination. Here is the gay, handsome hero of Sherwood Forest, with his unerring longbow, his English sense of fair play, his love of a good joke, and his defense of oppressed people.

For the first time, this popular classic has be written in the form of a continuous narrative, in contemporary style of fine literary quality, without losing any of the traditional, best-loved Robin Hood incidents. The Silver Horn of Robin Hood builds to a satisfying climax in true motion-picture fashion.

Anyone who enjoys a good yarn will be delighted to find that such a readable version of this classic retains all the best of Sherwood Forest lore. Here are the beloved character: Little John, Will Stutely, Friar Tuck, Alan-a-Dale, Will Scarlet, and the beautiful Maid Marian. Here is the covetous archenemy of Robin Hood, the Sheriff of Nottingham, and the plotting Prince John. All these familiar characters and many more are woven into a new novel that young and adult readers alike will find an exciting literary experience.

Richly illustrated with colorful pictures that portray the people and the times in all their glowing pageantry, this is a book which belongs in every home, yet will rarely be seen on a bookshelf. Too many members of the family will be clamoring to read it or have it read to them!

from the dust jacket

This version belongs in the family of tales crafted early by Paul Creswick. Robin is the son of the head forester at Locksley, but the squire of Gamewell intends to make him his heir. The story includes the character Will o' the Green, and the Sheriff's daughter's bitterness has much to do with the plot. However, this story is much more quick to make Robin an outlaw, introduces major characters like Guy of Gisborne far earlier, and does not do as much with the women of the story.


The Legend of Robin Hood

  1. A Great Shooting Match is Proclaimed in Nottingham
  2. How Robin O'Locksley Won the Sheriff's Prize
  3. How Will Stutely Became Robin's Man
  4. How Robin Became an Outlaw in Sherwood Forest
  5. Robin is Made Leader of the Outlaw Band
  6. Little John Joins the Merry Company
  7. Prince John Seeks Robin Hood's Capture
  8. How Maid Marian Warned Robin of the Plot Against Him
  9. Robin Turns Butcher to Learn More of the Sheriff's Plans
  10. Robin Hood Meets a Stranger in Scarlet
  11. How Friar Tuck Gave Robin Hood a Ducking
  12. Robin Hood Turns the Tables at a Wedding
  13. How the Bishop of Hereford Came to Dine with Robin Hood
  14. A Sorrowful Knight Finds Help in the Greenwood
  15. A Wandering Tinker Tries for the Sheriff's Reward
  16. The Demoiselle Marie Devises a Plan to Capture Robin
  17. How Little John Became the Sheriff's Servant
  18. How the Outlaws Went to the Shooting Match in Nottingham
  19. Robin Rescues Maid Marian
  20. The Great Battle in Sherwood Forest
  21. How Robin Hood's Men Rescued Will Stutely from the Scaffold
  22. Will Stutely and Little John Carry Messages to the King
  23. Sir Richard of the Lea Returns to Sherwood to Pay His Debt
  24. How Robin Hood Became the Earl of Huntingdon
  25. Robin Hood Shoots His Last Arrow
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