Silver Fleece

Silver Fleece

A Story of the Spanish in New Mexico

Land of the Free Series
by Florence C. Means, Carl Means, Edwin Schmidt (Illustrator)
Publisher: John C. Winston
1st Edition, ©1950, Item: 87673
Hardcover, 213 pages
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Historical Setting: New Mexico, 1690s

A tale of the Spanish men and women who resettled their ranches in 1695, fourteen years after a bloody Indian revolt has driven them from New to Old Mexico, adds another title to the distinguished Land of the Free Series.

Domingo and Lucia Rivera, teen-age twins, trekked the dusty miles from Santa Fe to their forgotten birthplace. With Old Juan—the sheepherder from Spain—their mother, and Gaspar—the young Indian slave, they set out to rebuild the Rivera fortunes in the Southwest's rugged mesas.

But a question lodged in the minds of the new settlers. Had any of the 1,500 Rivera sheep of fourteen years before been saved? Could they be found and bred with the fine but pitifully few animals of churro stock that Juan had painstakingly raised?

Here, then, is adventure: a ghostly light in an abandoned watchtower, and Indian raid on the Rivera ranch, a squaw accused of witchcraft. The humanity expressed in Lucia's plea, "Will you not set Gaspar free?" casts the Riveras, not as conquerors but as pioneers who dedicated their lives and talents to the Land of the Free.

—From the dust jacket

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