Sign of the Golden Fish

Sign of the Golden Fish

A Story of the Cornish Fishermen in Maine

Land of the Free Series
by Gertrude Robinson, Frederick T. Chapman (Illustrator)
Publisher: John C. Winston
1st Edition, ©1949, Item: 87680
Hardcover, 207 pages
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Historical Setting: England to Maine, 1645

The third title to be published in The Land of the Free series, this stirring story of the flight of a royalist family from Puritan persecution is dedicated to the liberty-loving men and women who planted the torch of freedom in the New World.

Written with all the brisk tang and vigor of a frosty New England morning, the novel personifies the spirit of a courageous people.

Out of the surging gray Atlantic, young Chris Tobey walked onto the stern and rockbound coast of Maine and into the tight little village of Machigonne. He came from the uncompromising harshness of Cromwell's England to the new-found freedom of a struggling, young community, searching for his family in the untamed wilderness of the New World.

This is the thrilling tale of the adventures of a teen-age boy who jumped ship to bring the colonies of the Old World skill of fish-curing that had been the pride of the Tobey family for generations. How he discovers the vast lands where the red man still lived as king, and develops a respect for these proud tribes, makes a dynamic and inspiring story.

—From the dust jacket

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