Sign Language for Kids Activity Book

Sign Language for Kids Activity Book

50 Fun Games and Activities to Start Signing

by Tara Adams, Natalia Sanabria (Illustrator)
Publisher: Rockridge Press
Consumable Workbook, 115 pages
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Let your fingers do the talking — a hands-on guide to American Sign Language for kids 8 to 12

American Sign Language is an amazing visual language that uses our hands, facial expressions, and body language to express ourselves to those who have difficulty hearing or speaking. Packed with colorful illustrations and reader-friendly descriptions, as well as plenty of on- and off-page activities, the Sign Language for Kids Activity Book will help you feel comfortable and confident signing in no time!

The Sign Language for Kids Activity Book shows you how to communicate nonverbally through easy-to-follow diagrams of more than 180 signs, plus the signed alphabet and numbers 1-100. You'll master conversation basics, including commonly used phrases and everyday vocabulary. Then, you can try your hand at fun and unique exercises, games, and puzzles that will help you put together sentences, practice grammar, improve your memory of signs, and become the best signer you can be.

Sign Language for Kids Activity Book includes:

  • ASL in art — Illustrated diagrams and descriptions guide you through 180 signs for basic nouns, verbs, and adjectives for topics such as home, school, foods, and more.
  • Say anything — Express yourself with helpful grammar practices in the Sign Language for Kids Activity Book, designed to teach you how to construct ASL sentences for conversations.
  • Sign on — The Sign Language for Kids Activity Book gives you hands-on practice with 50 exercises, practice prompts, games, and activities designed to make signing and reading signs easy for anyone.

Learn to communicate in a whole new way with the Sign Language for Kids Activity Book.

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