From the Archives of Harland & Wolff the Builders of the Titanic

by Tom McCluskie
Publisher: Chartwell Books
Hardcover, 160 pages
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Taken from the archives of Harland & Wolff, one of the world's most enduring and respected shipbuilding companies, SHIPS presents a selection of elegant designs. During an era in which steam propulsion was still in its infancy, many of these historic illustrations depict the tentative crossover to the new technology, incoporating the fine lines and slender hull shape of the traditional sailing vessel with the power of the new engines. While steam was intended to be the main source of motive power, the addition of sails provided an alternative and trusted method of propulsion should this "new-fangled" steam engine fail to live up to its expectations.

Edwin Harland was known in his day as an innovative and daring ship designer and his flair for elegance as well as strength is apparent throughout this riveting history. The construction of these ships provides as much in the way of safety, utility and comfort as it does to aesthetics.

This unique account is both a fascinating and historic document and a superb expression of the shipbuilder's love of seagoing craft, and his exquisite skill in designing such refined ships to the most precise specifications.

Lavishly illustrated, this highly informative work contains over 175 color illustrations.

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