Ship of the Line

Ship of the Line

Hornblower Series #7
by C. S. Forester
Trade Paperback, 292 pages
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Historical Setting: May - October 1810

Seventeen years deep into the Napoleonic Wars. Captain Hornblower is newly in command of his first ship of the line, the seventy-four-gun HMS Sutherland, which he deems "the ugliest and least desirable two-decker in the Navy List." Moreover, she is 250 men short of a full crew, so Hornblower must enlist and train "poachers, bigamists, sheepstealers," and other landlubbers. By the time the Sutherland reaches the blockaded Catalonian coast of Spain, the crew is capable of staging five astonishing solo raids against the French. But the grisly prospect of defeat and capture looms over both captain and crew as the Sutherland single-handedly takes on four French ships of the line.

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FLAWS: Violence, fighting, mild language, adultery
Summary: Hornblower is torn between his wife and a noblewoman, even while he's rewarded for military successes at sea.

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