Shelley Tanaka

A third-generation Japanese Canadian, Tanaka was born and raised in Toronto.  She graduated from Queen's University with an Honours B.A. before completing her M.A. in comparative literature at the University of Toronto.  For thirty years she has been in the Canadian publishing business.  As the fiction editor for young adults at Groundwood Books since 1984, she has edited twelve award-winning books.  An author and translator herself, Tanaka has written over twenty books, mostly children's nonfiction about historical events, archeology, and the environment, that have garnered her attention and awards.  She resides near Kingston, Ontario.

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Buried In Ice
by John Geiger, Owen Beattie, Shelley Tanaka
from Scholastic Inc.
for 4th-6th grade
in Clearance: History & Geography (Location: ZCLE-HIS)
$2.00 (1 in stock)
Day That Changed America: The Alamo
by Shelley Tanaka
for 4th-6th grade
in Mexican-American War (Location: HISA-19TEX)
$4.00 (1 in stock)
In the Time of Knights
An I Was There Book
by Shelly Tanaka
from Hyperion/Madison Press
for 4th-8th grade
in Middle Ages (Location: HISW-MID)
$4.00 (1 in stock)