Shattered Lens

Shattered Lens

Alcatraz vs. the Evil Librarians #4
by Brandon Sanderson
Publisher: Starscape
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So, remember how I told you that the evil Librarians who control your world are trying to take over all the countries they don’t let you know about?the Free Kingdoms? In the last book (you’ve read the first three, right?) I, Alcatraz Smedry, foiled a plot that would have seen the rulers of those countries giving up the kingdom of Mokia for the promise of a cease-fire (which the Librarians totally would have broken in a few years). That means the battle for Mokia continues, and it’s up to me to somehow keep the Librarians from conquering it.

That’s going to be super hard, because they have a ton of soldiers and even giant robots, and their powerful weapons knock people unconscious. With the royal family of Mokia all in comas, suddenly that makes me acting king!

All I have to fight back with are some teddy bears and my talent for breaking stuff. Plus the dubious contributions of my uncle, Kaz, who gets lost all the time, and my cousin Aydee who is terrible at math. (We’re doomed.) At least Bastille will always be there to get me out of trouble, right?

Is my first day as king bound to be the last day of my life?

The Shattered Lens is the fourth book in this action-packed fantasy series for young readers.

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