Shari Barrett

Although Shari Barrett was educated in secondary education and expected to become a formal teacher, that ambition changed in 1986 when she began homeschooling her eldest son. In the second year of homeschooling, Shari joined forces more visibly with her husband, Steve, who became an active and involved home school father. When the Barrett's two sons reached highschool, Shari decided to start teaching writing to other home school students as well. She recognized the necessity for students to possess strong writing and grammer skills in order to succeed, so she created a curriculum accessible to both her own students and other students using her material. She now heads several, Portland-area composition classes as well as having composed a textbook, Put That in Writing Level 1, on which her husband acted as editor and supporter.

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Put That In Writing Level One - Answer Key and Test Bank
by Steve & Shari Barrett
2nd edition from Barrett's Bookshelf
Writing Curriculum for 7th-12th grade
in Put That In Writing (Location: WRI-PTW)