Shakespeare the Christian I

Shakespeare the Christian I

The Bible in Shakespeare's Plays

by Ralph Allan Smith
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This course presents Shakespeare's plays from a unique perspective—Shakespeare's use of the Bible. With perhaps as many as 2,000 references, the 37 plays bequeath a rich but hitherto neglected source of Shakespearean treasure. Though the sheer number is surprising, the quality and significance of Shakespeare's Biblical references show how important Scripture was for him and how he understood it. Taking Biblical allusions into consideration, the interpreter can unlock puzzles about controversial characters and plots, and see some plays in a new light altogether. Study these ten lectures and explore the worldview of history's greatest literary genius.

This CD-ROM contains 10 MP3 lecture files that can be played on your computer, Windows or Mac, or on an MP3 player, as well as a number of extras in PDF format (see Table of Contents below). Please note this is NOT a music CD and cannot be played with a normal CD player.

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It's intentional! All proceeds from this course (every last cent) are donated to the Mitaka Evangelical Church, which has been aggressively promoting Christian education in Tokyo, Japan for over 20 years. By buying this course and introducing it to others, you will be contributing to a building fund for a facility, long-needed for the church to be firmly rooted in the hard soil of Tokyo, one of the largest and most expensive cities in the world. As Ralph Smith and his co-workers labor in the field, help them to bear fruit that will remain. Join us in the cause of the Gospel in Asia.

Table of Contents:

  1. Course Introduction; Refutation of Objections to Christian Shakespeare (I)
  2. Refutation of Objections to Christian Shakespeare (II)
  3. Shakespeare's Use of the Bible (I)
  4. Shakespeare's Use of the Bible (II)
  5. The Merchant of Venice
  6. Macbeth (I)
  7. Macbeth (II)
  8. Henry V (I)
  9. Henry V (II)
  10. Romeo and Juliet

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