Shadow of the Hawk

Shadow of the Hawk

by Geoffrey Trease, Joe Krush (Illustrator)
©1949, Item: 92992
Hardcover, 236 pages
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AGAINST the background of Renaissance Italy, the author has woven a cloak-and-dagger tale of adventure involving the hazardous search for the lost manuscript of an ancient Greek play. We follow young Alan Drayton in his perilous travels from England to Venice where Aldus, the printer, gives him a clue to the location of the gloomy, mysterious Balkan monastery, where the rare manuscript is supposedly hidden.

Alan, a boy-scholar at Cambridge University in 1509, participates in a student brawl flees England. He ends up in Venice, in the house of the great printer Aldus Manutius, where he meets Angela, who proves to be as ready for adventure as he is. They embark on a quest to find a lost manuscript, pitted against Cesare Morelli, agent for the Duke of Molfetta, who intends to add the treasure to his collection.

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